In 2017 Cathy worked to pass the Faster Care for Veterans Act which required the VA to adopt technology that allows veterans to schedule VA appointments online was signed into law by President Obama. This bill would leverage already available technology to meet and important needs at the VA and help veterans get more timely appointments.


Introduced the Modernization of Medical Records for Veterans Act (HR 3497). This would require the VA to have a pilot program that would test out transferring patient records to digital copies. Protecting Veterans from losing their medical information, like in the 1973 National Personnel Records Center Fire.  This bill would also allow for a microchipped card to be available for veterans so they always have their comprehensive medical records available.

Secured funding in June 2017 to fix the roof at the Spokane VA and worked with VA officials to reopen the 24 hour Urgent Care.


Introduced Ethical Patient Care for Veterans Act of 2017 (H.R. 4059)

An investigation that appeared in USA Today found that in a number of situations, medical professionals at the VA had been engaged in malpractice, unethical behavior, or other mistakes and they continued to practice at the VA, even sometimes going to the private sector with a clean record. One of these situations was even happening here at the Spokane VA.


This legislation will make it so employees have to report instances of unethical behavior immediately to state licensing boards, taking it out of the VAs hands. This is how it’s done in private medical practice, and we should hold the VA to these same ethical standards.

“We have to change the culture at the VA and refocus it on our veterans. That means first and foremost making sure that we have the best and brightest working there.”