• Jan 31, 2018
    Train Crash: Thank You for the Messages

    Thanks for your calls and messages. Brian, the kids and I were on the train. We're all safe. Please keep the first responders and those impacted by the crash in your thoughts and prayers.

    • Jan 29, 2018
    National Issues Affecting the INW

    While home in Spokane last week I visited KREM 2 News and discussed the new 24/7 Urgent Care at the Spokane VA Medical Center, my work to expand teaching residencies there, and the higher paycheck you'll see in February thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

    • Jan 27, 2018
    Hydropower Generating State

    Thanks to Kris Johnson and The Spokesman-Review!

    Hydropower provides more than 40% of Eastern WA's energy — that's why I introduced HR 3144. It would keep our dams from being torn down, protect jobs and vital agriculture, while also helping salmon and fish habitats. It's a win-win-win.

    • Jan 26, 2018
    Google Doodle Features Spokane-born Neurosurgeon

    Extraordinary Spokane-born neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield is featured as the Google Doodle. Nowadays, he would have two Spokane medical schools which could bolster his education. We've come a long way.

    • Jan 25, 2018
    Thanks Dutch Bro's on Division

    I'm a coffee-every-morning person, but today was one of those days where I needed a little afternoon kick!

    I took orders and ran to Dutch Bro's division to grab coffee for my staff! Thanks, Dutch Bro's!

    • Jan 22, 2018
    Ending the Government Shut Down

    Thank you to the Senate for re-opening the government. It was the right decision for children and our military. Let's move forward in 2018 with real conversations instead of political games.

    • Jan 21, 2018
    Women Supporting Women

    Thank you to all of the women in Eastern Washington who lift each other up and encourage each other to achieve more. To all women, from all walks of life –– Be bold. Strive to fulfill your dreams and be positive disruptors; live courageously, take risks, and be fearless and enthusiastic.

    • Jan 20, 2018
    Declining my Paycheck During Shutdown

    As long as the government is closed, I'll be declining my paycheck. Eastern Washington families and children are counting on our senators to fund children's healthcare, pay our troops, and end the #SchumerShutdown.

    • Jan 19, 2018
    Stop Government Shutdown

    Health care for 60,000 Washington children runs out at midnight.

    Stop playing politics — adopt the 6-year CHIP plan and prevent a government shutdown. I voted for the bill in the House. Now it's up to Senate Democrats to do their part.

    • Jan 18, 2018
    Voting to Renew CHIP for the Fourth Time

    I just voted to renew CHIP for the fourth time since being elected to serve Eastern Washington. 60,000 Washington state children and families are counting on CHIP for health care. This is not the time for the Senate to play political games, risk a government shutdown, and allow funding to run out on Friday night.