• Sep 06, 2016
    Spokane Interstate Fair Opens Friday

    The Spokane Interstate Fair opens this Friday. There will be many festivities to experience during this 10-day fair-- even sharks! Don't forget to stop by the Spokane County Republican Party booth while you're there too! Additional information about the fair can be found here

    • Sep 05, 2016
    Northport Parade

    Today my team traveled to Northport to celebrate Labor Day with our friends from the Stevens County Republicans. There was a lively crowd in attendance, including Commissioner Wes McCart and Representative Shelly Short. 

    • Sep 04, 2016
    Walla Walla Frontier Days Fair and Parade

    It was wonderful to spend a few days in Walla Walla for the Walla Walla Frontier Days Fair and Parade this past weekend. I enjoyed meeting with friends from the Walla Walla County Republicans at their booth and everyone else at the Fair. I am continually awed by the effort and dedication of those in our community who work so hard to make the festivities happen year after year.


    • Sep 02, 2016
    Stop the Government’s ‘Unauthorized Spending’

    By Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Tim Phillips

    The Washington Post

    Why doesn't the government seem to be getting any smaller?

    • Aug 31, 2016
    Being at Home

    In between meetings with local stakeholders and families with disabled children, it's always great to sit down with people in the community and discuss what's going on in Spokane. Staying connected and listening to you is one of my top priorities.

    • Aug 30, 2016
    Frontier Days Parade

    Join us this weekend at the annual Walla Walla Frontier Days celebrating its 150-year history in the community. The event will feature vendors from around the community, music, and food to celebrate the area's agricultural history.

    • Aug 27, 2016
    NE Washington Parade

    It was great to spend the day in Colville, WA for the NE Washington Fair and Parade! Thank you to all the volunteers that came out, Stevens County Republicans for putting together an amazing parade entry, and all the friendly faces that greeted me along the way.

    • Aug 26, 2016
    It's Time to Listen

    Listen to what volunteer firefighter Andrew Engell says about wildfires. We have bureaucrats in Washington, DC making decisions that do not work for Eastern Washington. I’m leading on this issue with proposed legislation that revamps the way our national forests are managed — for more jobs, and fewer fires.

    • Aug 24, 2016
    Visiting Wildfire Command Post

    As our firefighters continue to get a handle on the situation, it’s great knowing we have some of the most capable people protecting our region.

    • Aug 23, 2016
    Our Firefighters

    In this short video, I discuss the importance of smart forest management and protecting our firefighters.