• Mar 14, 2017
    Thank you Leonard

    Thank you, Leonard, for your letter to the editor. It has been my honor to lead in Congress and serve the people of Eastern Washington. Click on the image to read the letter. 


    • Mar 13, 2017
    Gonzaga No. 1 Seed

    The Zags are number the number 1 seed in the west and are taking on South Dakota State. Join me in rooting and cheering for our Zags on Thursday in their 19th consecutive NCAA appearance!

    • Mar 09, 2017
    Deputy Released Home

    Great news! The Spokane County Sheriff's deputy who was injured during a domestic violence call on Monday was released home last night. Please continue your prayers for all law enforcement officers and the deputy as he continues to recover.




    • Mar 08, 2017
    Northwest Heroes

    Eastern Washington is home to many of our nation's heroes. KXLY 4 News is looking to honor 20 heroes from our area for their service to our country. If you have a hero you would like to see honored, please click on the link below and nominate them today!

    • Mar 08, 2017
    Park Service offers Kettle Falls Marina one-year contract extension

    After hearing from community members and visitors, the National Park Service offered Lake Roosevelt Vacations Inc., a one-year contract extension. If this is accepted the Kettle Falls Marina will operate through April 30, 2018, but your feedback is still needed. 

    • Mar 07, 2017
    Winter Weather Advisory

    It looks like Old Man Winter isn't finished with us yet. A winter weather advisory is in effect until Wednesday morning for Spokane and other parts of Eastern Washington. Be vigilant on your way home this evening and plan for snow on your morning commute. 

    • Mar 07, 2017
    Pray for Law enforcement officers

    A lot of what we value in this country is protected every day by people who are willing to sacrifice their own safety. Our law enforcement personnel selflessly look out for us, and this incident is no exception. Please keep the injured deputy in your prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.


    • Mar 06, 2017
    Rolling Back the Waters of the US Act

    By rolling back the "Waters of the U.S." rule, President Trump stood up for the basic rights of private property owners. This rule started during the Obama Administration aimed at putting every puddle, ditch, and stream on private property under federal jurisdiction.

    • Mar 06, 2017
    Letter to the Editor: CMR Cares for Region

    Thank you, Linda, for your letter to the editor. When the federal hiring freeze was enacted, I was troubled about what it would mean for seasonal firefighters that are crucial for protecting this region. Thankfully our seasonal firefighters are now exempt from the hiring freeze.

    • Mar 03, 2017
    Our Veterans Need Our Help

    We owe a great debt to our veterans for their service to our country, and now they are asking for assistance most of us can easily help with. The veterans nursing home in Walla Walla is looking for donations to create welcome bags for residents. Click here for a full list of items they are looking for and ways you can help out!