• Jun 19, 2017
    Spokane Teaching Health Clinic Legislation

    This morning, I was at the Spokane Teaching Health Clinic to talk about my new legislation to grow and strengthen this program. These clinics are instrumental to ensuring we have doctors in Spokane and in rural areas across Eastern Washington.

    • Jun 15, 2017
    Congressional Baseball Game

    Yesterday’s tragic events have shaken everyone on Capitol Hill, but we are all together tonight -Democrats and Republicans - at the #CongressionalBaseballGame! Regardless of your political party, this evening will be chance for us to put our differences aside and raise money for a great cause.

    • Jun 15, 2017
    Honoring Heroic Actions Of Capitol Police

    As we pray for Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the brave Capitol Hill Police officers, the staffers, and all those affected by yesterday’s horrific incident, the House passed a resolution today recognizing the heroic Capitol Police officers and first responders who put their lives on the line to protect everyone at the congressional baseball practice. We joined together across party lines in prayer, hope, and sincere gratitude for the service of those brave police officers.

    • Jun 13, 2017
    Gonzaga’s Wyatt Mills drafted

    Congratulations to Wyatt Mills from Gonzaga for his third round draft pick by the Mariners! We look forward to seeing big things from you in the future!

    • Jun 08, 2017

    I joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News this morning to discuss the repeal of Dodd-Frank the House passed today and moving forward on the Republican agenda. When I was in Davenport this week, I met with many in the community that are concerned that local banks do not have the flexibility to provide loans to our farmers, small business owners, and people in their town. On average we have lost one community bank a day since Dodd-Frank passed – today we took a step towards fixing that.

    • Jun 07, 2017

    Great news for Fairchild and Eastern Washington. The transfer will increase active duty staffing at Fairchild by 400 personnel, making the 92nd Air Refueling Wing the largest tanker fleet in the Air Force.

    • Jun 06, 2017
    National Get Outdoors Day

    n honor of National Get Outdoors Day, entry to any of the nearly 700 water-access sites maintained by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will be free this weekend and you will be able to fish without a license! You can click the link below to find a park near you.

    • Jun 06, 2017
    Spokane Teaching Health Clinic


    Dr. Robert Maudlin with the Spokane Teaching Health Clinic praises Cathy’s work bringing better health care to Eastern Washington.


    • Jun 06, 2017

    73 years ago today, service members from all across America stormed the beaches of Normandy in the largest naval, air and land operation in history. Their bravery and courage captured a beachhead, the tipping point in the liberation of Europe from the racist Nazi war machine. Today, we remember their sacrifices and all they gave in the name of freedom.

    • Jun 05, 2017
    Spokane Lincoln Day

    It was a real pleasure to join the Spokane County Republican Party on Saturday for their annual Lincoln Day Dinner. I am always inspired by the people in Eastern Washington who work hard to make their community a better place. Thank you to the Spokane County Republican Party and everyone that attended for the wonderful evening!