Setting the Record Straight

  • Jul 24, 2018


Dear Friends,

Campaigns should be a battle of ideas, with voters being presented a clear choice on Election Day. But these days, it can be hard to know who and what to believe.

That’s why I wanted to share the email below that Sen. Mike Baumgartner sent me about Lisa Brown’s misleading TV Ads. Senator Baumgartner was in Olympia at the time of these developments, and provides a first hand account that I think is important for people to consider. I’d appreciate it if you could share this message with your friends, family, and neighbors.


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To: Cathy@CathyforCongress.com
Subject: Lisa’s misleading claims on Medical School and North South Freeway

Hi Cathy,

I’m disappointed in Lisa Brown’s TV ads taking sole credit for the new WSU Medical School and Spokane’s North/South freeway.

Setting the Record Straight: WSU Medical School

As you and I both know, the medical school was a bipartisan team effort and Brown can rightly claim some credit for being a useful supporting member of the team. However, Brown was in no way the primary force that she seems to be claiming to be in her TV ads. Lisa left the Legislature in 2012. We passed the medical school bill in 2015.

The person most responsible was, of course, Elson Floyd, who we all miss dearly. But I know exactly how and why the WSU medical school happened because I wrote the bill and talked with Dr. Floyd almost daily about strategy and funding throughout the process. Above you can see a picture of the actual bill signing creating the medical school in 2015.

Here is the celebratory article that WSU put out when we passed the bill with a good timeline of events. You’ll note that the big milestones are all after Brown left the legislature!

Other key State Legislators that deserve a lot of credit for the medical school include Mark Schoesler, Linda Parlette, Marcus Riccelli and Jeff Holy.

In fact, I’ll also always be appreciative of the support YOU gave when I asked you to make support phone calls to some key early reluctant members of the legislature that we eventually convinced to support the medical school.

Setting the Record Straight: North South Corridor

Regarding Brown’s claim that she is responsible for development of the North South Corridor – I have no idea what she is talking about. When she was leading the Senate Democrats, Brown helped pass a gas tax in 2005 that was a very bad deal for Eastern Washington. Brown’s flawed deal put a lot of money into Seattle , and put very little money into the North/South development in Spokane .

In 2014, Gov. Inslee and local Democrats proposed that Spokane receive approximately $450m to build HALF the remaining portion of the North/South. I said that only getting half the money was absurd and unacceptable and in 2015 worked with other Senate Republicans to obtain nearly $900m to fully complete the North/South over the next ten years.

With how Republicans structured it, Spokane is a recipient County and Western Washington is footing the major portion of the bill. Again, Brown served 20 years in the State Legislature and left in 2012.

If anything, Brown should be somewhat embarrassed that she couldn’t get the project fully funded while she ran the Senate -- not out there now trying to take credit for something that Senate Republicans did for Eastern Washington once we finally got control and she wasn’t even there .

If you have any questions about how it happened, you can talk to Sen. Curtis King or the road builders at Associated General Contractors (AGC). I’m sure they are just as surprised as I am that Brown is running at TV ad claiming she’s responsible for the North/South. No way.

I’m not sure why Brown is running ads like these.

Frankly, it’s ultimately going to be counterproductive to Brown’s campaign, especially when people see this for what it is: a career-politician trying to gain partisan advantage by claiming sole credit for a bipartisan team effort. Voters want honesty and teamwork. Not phony claims.

Feel free to share this email with your supporters if you want. I doubt the media will cover Lisa Brown’s misleading claims, but they should at least know the truth, and directly from someone who was actually there. Tell them to ask me if they have any questions.

You’re campaign is doing great. Keep working hard. Thanks for all you do. See you and Brian soon.



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(P.S. I wonder if next Lisa will try to claim credit for the historic Republican led college tuition reduction I spearheaded even though she was responsible for skyrocketing tuition while she controlled the Senate? Governor Inslee tried the same thing and largely got away with it.)