First of Four Debates Highlights Cathy’s Record of Results vs. Lisa’s Rhetoric and Baseless Attacks

  • Sep 20, 2018


September 19, 2018 CONTACT:

Jared Powell Jared@cathyforcongress.com | 360-719-9105

SPOKANE, Wash. – Tonight, Eastern Washington’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers joined the first debate of the election season against her opponent. Cathy repeated her positive message of optimism, opportunity, and results. After the debate, Cathy said, “I’m excited by a booming economy. What it means right here for Eastern Washington. To live the Eastern Washington Dream. My goal is to get results. That’s why I’ve been proud over the past year to get ten bipartisan bills passed the House, 5 signed into law. All bipartisan. Let's not go backwards, let’s keep this positive momentum going so we can improve the lives of people here in Eastern Washington.”

Unfortunately, Lisa Brown, while avoiding specific answers to questions at every turn, repeated the same false claims she’s been using all year to try and distract from Cathy’s record of results for Eastern Washington.

False Lisa Claim 1: “My opponent has continually voted to cut Medicare and Social Security”

Fact: Cathy does not support cuts to these programs and has said publicly that she wants to strengthen these programs so they continue to fulfill the promises we’ve made to our seniors. In reality, there are not proposals to cut these programs, Lisa Brown is trying to scare seniors into voting for her. The claim that Republicans are trying to take away Social Security or Medicare has been rated FALSE by PolitiFact.

False Lisa Claim 2: “My opponent voted to take health care away from those with pre-existing conditions.”

Fact: A fact-check from the Washington Post gave this claim FOUR “PINOCCHIOS” - or what the Post calls a “whopper.” Under the American Health Care Act, insurance companies would have been prohibited from denying or not renewing coverage due to a pre-existing condition. Period. Even in states which received a waiver.

False Lisa Claim 3: “My opponent is out of touch with Eastern Washington.”

Fact: Eastern Washington is Cathy’s number one priority. She’s held 13 town halls over the past year and numerous other events to hear directly from people she represents. In the last year alone, she’s had ten of her bipartisan bills pass in the House and five signed into law. From health care to hydropower to helping those with disabilities and supporting small businesses, these bills will make a difference in people’s lives here in our communities.

False Lisa Claim 4: “My opponent doesn’t pass bills that matter to Eastern Washington.”

Fact: Just in the last year, Cathy has had ten bills pass the House and five signed into law. All of these bills were bipartisan and all of them make a real difference in people’s lives in Eastern Washington. They included legislation to extend the Secure Rural Schools program that provides funding for Eastern Washington counties, legislation to double funding for the teaching health center program which will bring more residencies to Eastern Washington, legislation to protect the Columbia and Snake River dams, legislation to support small business development in Eastern Washington, and legislation to support economic development at the Port of Whitman. Cathy has also voted for the largest pay raise for the troops at Fairchild in nine years, doubled the standard deduction for middle class families, and a $4 billion investment to combat the opioid crisis.

False Lisa Claim 5: “My opponent doesn’t support the Children’s Health Insurance Program.”

Fact: Cathy voted for a 10 year extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) program. It is the most generous and longest reauthorization of the program in its history. In fact, Cathy has been a longtime supporter of CHIP; in 2007 she voted to override President George W. Bush’s veto of CHIP’s reauthorization.

False Lisa Claim 6: “The Congresswoman introduced a bill that was the beginning of the privatization of the VA.”

Fact: Cathy has voted for legislation to allow the VA to hold poorly-performing employees accountable for their failures, unlike during the Obama Administration, when veterans died waiting for care and VA employees were falsifying records. Cathy’s goal is to give veterans an opportunity to seek care in the communities where they live. She believes that veterans who live in communities like Republic, Colville, or Colfax shouldn’t have to drive all the way to Spokane to receive the care they earned.

A descendant of Oregon Trail pioneers, Cathy is the fifth generation of the McMorris family to call the Pacific Northwest home. She was the first in her family to graduate from college and worked for 13 years in the family orchard and fruit stand in Kettle Falls. She was the 200th woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and is the only woman to give birth three times while serving. Cathy and her husband, Brian, retired Navy carrier pilot, live in Spokane with their three children - Cole, Grace and Brynn.