My Record

A Balanced Budget and Stopping Wasteful Government Spending

  • Cathy has led repeated House efforts to adopt a balanced budget amendment – and get it onto the President’s desk.
  • But, seeing the realty of dealing with an uncooperative President and a dysfunctional Senate, Cathy introduced the Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act (USA Act), which would stop spending not explicitly authorized by Congress and return oversight to the American people through their elected representatives. 
  • Working with fellow House Republicans, Cathy has saved taxpayer dollars by dismantling potions of Obamacare, protecting virtually all the Bush-era tax cuts, cutting total federal spending for two years in a row - a first since the Korean War, cutting federal discretionary spending four years in a row, and enacting the most significant spending reductions in modern history.

National Security

  • Cathy strongly supported strengthening our Visa Wavier Program – following the glaring hole brought to light by the terrorist attack in California. Following the attacks in Paris, Cathy helped the House pass the American SAFE Act, which would prevent any Syrian refugees from enter our country until the Obama Administration could certify that every individual entering the country was not a threat to the American people.

The 2nd Amendment

  • Cathy believes strongly in the United State Constitution, and all our rights – including our 2nd Amendment gun rights and has been a diligent in protecting them against repeated assaults by the Left to legislate away those rights.
  • Cathy has consistently been ranked among the top representatives by gun rights organizations including the NRA, and has supported legislation for increased conceal carry protections, opposed mandatory gun registration and trigger lock laws, and been a opposed a new assault weapons bans.


  • As a pro-life mom, Cathy is a leader in protecting the lives of the unborn.  She believes we must standup for every human life – as a mother of a child with Down syndrome – Cathy believes every life is a gift and must be protected.
  • No federal funds can be used for abortion, thanks to Cathy and other conservative leaders in the House. She has also fought for legislation that would prevent minors from traveling across state lines for abortions, prohibit federal funding to Planned Parenthood, and grant unborn children equal protection under the 14th amendment.
  • Cathy helped write and then voted for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would establish federal legal protection for unborn children at 20 weeks. 

Helping the Disabled

  • As a mother of child with Down syndrome, Cathy believes we need to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to live independently.
  • Cathy led efforts in the House to pass the Steve Gleason Act – legislation passed in direct response to one of her constituents – that would ensure access to cutting-edge speech generation devices for those who need them to communicate.
  • Cathy was a chief cosponsor on the ABLE Act, which provided for individuals with disabilities and their families to save for education, transportation, and housing, with tax-free savings accounts. It empowered millions like her son, Cole, with the opportunity to live independently and have a better life.


  • Cathy's district is home to two of the three VA hospitals in Washington – serving over 15,000 veterans in Eastern Washington. As the wife of a navy veteran, cofounder of the military family caucus, and the only member of leadership to serve on the House Armed Services Committee, serving our veterans is one of Cathy's top priorities.  She has secured funding, expanded opportunities, and worked tirelessly to provide better services for our nation's heroes.
  • Cathy introduced draft legislation – Caring for our Heroes in the 21st Century Act – to open a discussion on how our veterans are cared for. Her legislation gives our veterans full benefits, cuts wait times, and allows them choose their own doctors or hospitals.
  • Cathy joined a bipartisan coalition of legislators to introduce Faster Care for Veterans Act, requiring the VA to utilize off the shelf technology to schedule appointments – empowering veterans while giving VA employees more tools to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Securing Our Border

  • Cathy is committed to securing our border and stopping the flow of illegal immigrants. If we are going to maintain our nation’s sovereignty and uphold the rule of law, border security must come first.
  • Cathy believes we need a strong President willing to work with Congress to provide the border security the American people demand. She led House Republicans in taking legal action against President Obama and successfully overturned his illegal executive order on amnesty.
  • Cathy voted to provide $694 million for increased border security and enforcement of our immigration laws. This funding included $405 million in direct funding for the Department of Homeland Security to increase security on our southern border and help law enforcement stem flow of illegal immigrants.
  • Cathy also voted to expand our border fence by 700 miles on our southern border with a focus on some largest crossing areas in Arizona and California.