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In her latest ad, Lisa Brown continues to mislead Eastern Washington voters

  • Oct 05, 2018


SPOKANE, Wash. -- This week, Lisa Brown started a new round of television advertisements that continue questionable statements and outright factual inaccuracies to misleading the voters of Eastern Washington.

“Lisa Brown is at it again, releasing another misleading TV ad aimed at distracting from Cathy’s proven record of results for Eastern Washington,” said Jared Powell, spokesman for Cathy McMorris Rodgers. “This time, she’s using tired national talking points from Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama while citing bills and votes by Cathy that have nothing to do with the arguments she’s trying to make. Unfortunately, this is what Eastern Washington expects from a career politician like Lisa Brown.”


Lisa’s False Claim #1: Cathy voted to allow telecom companies to sell your private information without your permission


Fact: Despite being a DCCC campaign tactic being used by numerous Democrats running around the country, these types of claims have been fact-checked before. As Politifact noted in May, these types of attacks are “mostly false.” Read more from Politifact here.


Lisa’s False Claim #2: Cathy has voted to protect drug companies’ interests as drug prices continue to rise.


Fact: To start, a number of the bills Lisa claims Cathy voted for have nothing to do with pharmaceutical companies at all. She cites H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, as being passed on 3/22/18. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law in December 2017, as most Americans know because they are seeing the results in their paychecks.


She also cites H.Res. 616. This resolution was the rule allowing for H.R. 2874, the 21st Century Flood Reform Act, and the conference report for H.R. 2810, the Fiscal Year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, to come to the House floor for a vote.


Brown’s inaccurate, misleading citations aside, this claim also ignores the fact that Cathy is working to address the rising cost of prescription drugs by standing up to drug companies. She led on legislation that was just signed into law to ban “gag clauses” -- contractual agreements that barred pharmacists from telling patients when it would be cheaper to pay out-of-pocket for their prescriptions rather than go through their insurance. She also joined in introducing legislation to bring transparency to Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), the middlemen who are often the source of pricing increases. Cathy also supports the acceleration of generic drug approval to bring competition and generic drugs to drive down costs.


Lisa’s Hypocritical Claim #1:  Lisa claims it’s bad that Cathy has been in Congress for 14 years. We will let Lisa correct that claim in her own words:


“To me, uh, I am not that oriented towards, uhm, seems like in order to make a big impact there you need to get in there and serve for a long time and I don’t see myself doing that…” (TVW Interview, June 12, 2018, 08:50-09:04)


Lisa’s Hypocritical Claim #2:  Lisa attacks Cathy for legal, fully-disclosed contributions to her campaign. We’ll let Lisa explain the tens of thousands of dollars in corporate contributions she took from the pharmaceutical and telecom industries during her 20-year career in Olympia.