Letter to the Editor: Fighting Overreach

  • Sep 19, 2016

A special thanks to Joan for your letter to the editor! The USA (Unauthorized Spending Accountability) Act, is crucial for restoring representative government by making federal spending accountable to the people.

From Joan: 

"Recently I had the privilege of hearing Cathy McMorris Rodgers speak at a meeting I attended. She spoke of several concerns but the one which stood out was the overspending and government waste coming out of Washington D.C.

Our government is too big and over-reaching. The budget process is broken and needs to be brought back under the control of the people. Elected representatives need to review, rethink or eliminate government programs. As a result, she has introduced The USA (Unauthorized Spending Accountability) Act.

If passed, it will force Congress to look closely at every program in the federal government. Congress, through its elected representatives, has the power of the purse. If adopted, billions of dollars could be saved and it would put those non-elected bureaucrats on notice that they better produce results.

Return Cathy to Congress in November so she can continue to fight this battle for us."