Cathy Secures Key Endorsements of Law Enforcement Groups and Officers

  • Sep 24, 2018

SPOKANE, Wash. – Today, Cathy McMorris Rodgers announced the endorsements from current and former local law enforcement groups and leaders in Eastern Washington for her commitment to the rule of law and support of local law enforcement.

In this Congress, Cathy has continued voting to support law enforcement by giving them more tools to keep Eastern Washington schools safe, more funding to fight the opioid epidemic in our community, and by reauthorizing the Project Safe Neighborhoods program to facilitate partnerships between federal, state, and local agencies to combat violent gang crimes. She pushed for the STOP School Violence Act of 2018, received a national award from Sandy Hook Promise for her commitment to school safety, and continues to hold one of the highest rankings by the National Association of Police Organizations.

“I’m proud to have this strong showing of support from grassroots law enforcement organizations and top law enforcement officers across Eastern Washington,” said Cathy. “My mission is to restore trust and confidence in representative government and the rule of law, and I’m proud to stand with the men and women in uniform, the thin blue line, who serve and protect our families and communities every day.”

Sheriff Magers of Lincoln County commented: “I’m backing Cathy because I believe in her stand on public safety, border control, fiscal responsibility and tough on crime approach. Cathy has our back and we have hers.”

Sheriff Knezovich of Spokane County commented: “Cathy has earned the support and respect of law enforcement within her district and the State of Washington. Cathy understands that a strong economy relies on good public safety. Cathy believes in the working men and women and small business owners who make our Country great. Cathy’s opponent on the other hand praises the failed economic system of socialism.”

On Sunday, Cathy went on a ride along with the Spokane Police Department and saw the increased impact of drugs like heroin and opioids on the streets of Spokane. Domestic violence calls remain high in the community. Cathy was proud to help pass a package of bills to combat the opioid epidemic and provide $4B in resources to those on the frontlines of this crisis in our communities.

Among the key reasons for supporting Cathy McMorris Rodgers cited was the attempts by her opponent Lisa Brown to raid pension funds while serving as the Senate Majority Leader in the Washington State legislature.
Law Enforcement Groups and Individuals who endorsed Cathy today include:
Washington Council of Police Chiefs & Sheriffs (WACOPS)
Craig Bulkley, President, WACOPS
Washington Fraternal Order of Police (WAFOP)
Marco Monteblanco, President,Washington State Fraternal Order of Police
Fraternal Order of Police Spokane Lodge 20
Holt Widhalm, President, Fraternal Order of Police Spokane Lodge 20
Brian Asmus, Chief of Police, Liberty Lake
John Hensley, Chief of Police, Cheney
John Hilderbrand, Sheriff, Asotin County
Ray Maycumber, Sheriff, Ferry County
Drew Hyer, Sheriff, Garfield County
Wade Magers, Sheriff, Lincoln County
Alan Botzheim, Sheriff, Pend Oreille County
Ozzie Knezovich, Sheriff, Spokane County
Kendle Allen, Sheriff, Stevens County
John Turner, Sheriff, Walla Walla County
Brett Myers, Sheriff, Whitman County
A descendant of Oregon Trail pioneers, Cathy is the fifth generation of the McMorris family to call the Pacific Northwest home. She was the first in her family to graduate from college and worked for 13 years in the family orchard and fruit stand in Kettle Falls. She was the 200th woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and is the only woman to give birth three times while serving. Cathy and her husband, Brian, retired Navy carrier pilot, live in Spokane with their three children - Cole, Grace and Brynn.
For more information about Cathy McMorris Rodgers, visit www.cathyforcongress.com