Fact Check on Dishonest Family Separation Attack Ad

  • Aug 19, 2018

Dear Friends,

Many of you have probably seen the dishonest TV attack ad produced by Equity Forward -- a pro-abortion organization based in New York -- falsely claiming that “at every turn” Cathy has failed to stand up for the families separated at the border through the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance immigration enforcement.

We need your help getting the facts out about this dishonest attack ad. Plain and simple, this is a well-financed group of New York liberals flooding the airwaves in Eastern Washington trying to to tell voters here what to believe. But as far as the facts are concerned, they might as well be living on another planet!

The Truth on Family Separation

Cathy has done everything in her power under the Constitution to change the law or, short of that, convince the Trump administration to reverse course.

Cathy is a mother of three who can’t imagine the trauma these parents and their children experience as they await processing by the authorities -- many separated for weeks on end. That’s why, contrary to what the ad claims, Cathy spoke out early and voted in favor of  legislation to end the policy.

In addition to her multiple public statements pressuring the Trump Administration to reverse course, Cathy has worked directly with administration officials to try to find a resolution.

Championing Legislation in Congress

In June, Cathy not only voted for the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act -- she also helped negotiate and bring it up for a vote. If the bill had passed, it would have immediately fixed the family separation problem at the border.

Specifically, the bill would have required the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to maintain the care and custody of people crossing the border illegally together with their children while any charge for illegal crossing is pending. It also would have approved federal funding for family residential centers to ensure proper accommodation for these families.

And guess what: Not a single Democrat voted for the legislation. Not. One.

Securing the Border

Smart legislation should treat not just the symptoms of a given problem but attempt to address the problem itself -- in other words, one way to prevent families from not being separated at all would be to more effectively keep them from illegally entering the country in the first place. So, the legislation would also have included funding for construction of the border wall, closed enforcement loopholes, ended catch and release, reformed the legal immigration system, created a merit-based visa program, and provided the DACA population a bridge to the legal immigration system toward earning legal status in our country.

Bottom Line

The sad reality Equity Forward doesn’t want you to realize is this: It’s the Democrats who have done nothing -- and it’s because they want this to remain an issue heading into the election. If it were about the families, they would have joined Republicans to pass our legislation.

Shame on Equity Forward. They should take down the ad and apologize to the voters of Eastern Washington. Cathy’s liberal opponent won’t call on them to do so, and that’s why we are asking you to speak out on social media, forward this message to your friends and family, and write a letter to the editor (email Claire@CathyforCongress.com).

Thank you,

Patrick Bell
Campaign Manager