Environment and Natural Resources

  • Oct 06, 2016

  • Encouraging Hydropower: Cathy helped write and guide bipartisan legislation to modernize America’s energy system, and speed hydropower development. It can take up to 10 years or longer to license a new hydropower project, while it takes 18 months to license a natural gas facility. It passed the House as part of H.R. 8 the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act in December.
  • Repeals the oil export ban: The budget Cathy supported ended the 1975 ban on the export of American oil.
  • Native American Energy Act: Cathy voted for this bipartisan legislation enabling Native Americans like the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, to utilize biomass as a stable energy source. It also makes our region healthier and safer.
  • Regulatory Integrity Protection Act: Cathy voted in support of this bill that would reject the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers’ new and expanded definition of “navigable waters” under the Clean Water Act.
  • Resilient Federal Forests Act: Cathy helped write and pass H.R. 2647 in the house that corrects the funding process for funding wildfire disasters, allows the Forest Service to approve projects that reduce fire risk, extends Secure Rural Schools authorization through 2020, and building on the proven success of the A-Z Mill Creek Pilot Project in the Colville National Forest, calls for the Forest Service, local leaders, and private companies to work together to expedite environmental review. Cathy passed H.R. 2647 out of the house on July 9, 2015 joined by 261 of her colleagues.
  • Fighting and Protecting Against Wildfires: At the end of the year, Cathy supported legislation to ensure the US Forest Service will have the resources needed to fight forest fires in the upcoming year.
  • Bipartisan Firefighters Roundtable with Senator Cantwell: In October, Cathy hosted a bipartisan firefighters roundtable. 2015 was the worst wildfire season in Washington State history and more than 1 million acres burned. Cathy and the Senator discussed strategies for combating and preventing wildfires with local community leaders, firefighters, first responders, elected officials, and business owners, about ways to increase collaboration between county, state and federal agencies; the immediate needs of communities; how to improve the underlying health of forests; and long-term goals for fire preparation, prevention and suppression.
  • House/Senate Energy Conference Committee: Member of key 2016 House/Senate Energy Conference Committee which includes energy, hydropower and forest policy.