• Mike Pence, Vice President of United States


  • Washington Farm Bureau PAC


  • National Federation of Independent Business - NFIB PAC
  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • US Chamber of Commerce
  • Associated General Contractors of America, National PAC
  • Associated General Contractors, Inland Northwest
  • Cheryl Stewart, Exec. Director, Associated General Contractors, Inland Northwest
  • Associated Builders and Contractors, National PAC
  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Inland Pacific Chapter
  • Suzanne Schmidt, President, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inland Pacific Chapter
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Spokane Home Builders Association
  • Joel White, Exec. Officer, Spokane Home Builders Association
  • Washington Food Industry Association


  • National Rifle Association
  • Campaign for Working Families
  • Winning For Women
  • Human Life of Washington
  • Susan B. Anthony List
  • National Right to Life Committee
  • Mainstream Republicans of Washington
  • Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions
  • National Electrical Contractors Association
  • Rating: GOOD - Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights

Law Enforcement

  • Spokane Police Guild (Union)
  • Washington Council of Police Chiefs & Sheriffs (WACOPS)
  • Craig Bulkley, President, WACOPS
  • Washington Fraternal Order of Police (WAFOP)
  • Marco Monteblanco, President, Washington State Fraternal Order of Police
  • Fraternal Order of Police Spokane Lodge 20
  • Holt Widhalm, President, Fraternal Order of Police Spokane Lodge 20
  • Brian Asmus, Chief of Police, Liberty Lake
  • John Hensley, Chief of Police, Cheney
  • John Hilderbrand, Sheriff, Asotin County
  • Ray Maycumber, Sheriff, Ferry County
  • Drew Hyer, Sheriff, Garfield County
  • Wade Magers, Sheriff, Lincoln County
  • Alan Botzheim, Sheriff, Pend Oreille County
  • Ozzie Knezovich, Sheriff, Spokane County
  • Kendle Allen, Sheriff, Stevens County
  • John Turner, Sheriff, Walla Walla County
  • Brett Myers, Sheriff, Whitman County


State Legislators:

District 7 Legislators

Sen. Shelly Short

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber

Rep. Joel Kretz

District 6 Legislators

Sen. Michael Baumgartner

Rep. Mike Volz

Rep. Jeff Holy

District 4 Legislators

Sen. Mike Padden

Rep. Matt Shea

Rep. Bob McCaslin

District 9 Legislators

Sen. Mark Schoesler

Rep. Mary Dye

Rep. Joe Schmick

District 16 Legislators

Sen. Maureen Walsh

Rep. Bill Jenkins

Rep. Terry Nealey


County Commissioners:


Josh Kerns

Mary Kuney

Al French


Brian Shinn

Chris Seubert

Jim Jeffords


Dwight Robanske

Michael Tallbott

Merie Jackson


Nathan Davis

Mike Blankenship

Johnna Exner


Bob Johnson

Justin Dixon


Scott Hutsell

Mark Stedman

Rob Coffman

Pend Oreille

Steve Kiss

Karen Skoog

Mike Manus


Wes McCart

Steve Parker

Don Dashiell

Walla Walla

Jim Johnson

Tod Kimball

James Duncan


Art Swannack

Dean Kinzer

Michael Largent


Other Elected Officials

Kim Wyman, Washington Secretary of State

Rob McKenna, Former Washington State Attorney General

Vicki Horton, Assessor, Spokane County

Robert Chase, Treasurer, Spokane County

Rod Higgins, Mayor of Spokane Valley

David Condon, Mayor of Spokane

Michael Allen, Reardan School Board

Marianne Nichols, Auditor, Pend Oreille County

Brad Miller, Curlew School Board

John Eagleson, Mayor of Sprague

Dorothy Knauss, Mayor of Chewelah

John Ridlington, Mayor of Kettle Falls

Pete Schweiger, Councilman, Davenport City Council

Craig George, Councilman, Dayton City Council

Francis Benjamin, Councilman, Pullman City Council