Tax Day

I helped lead House Republicans to block trillions of dollars in tax increases proposed by President Obama and the Democratic Members of the House. Federal spending declined for the first time in generations during the past four years. Increasing spending is not the answer. #taxday #taxes



Equal Pay

Women have made tremendous strides over the past century. It’s no longer uncommon to see women as CEOs (or in Congress.) But more progress is needed – women deserve equal pay for equal work. It’s the law of the land. In this Glamour magazine article, I explain how I think we can make progress. #‎equalpay


Taking Control

An article about my important legislation to rein in out of control federal agencies.


Speaking Out

An article in the New York Times highlights the work I'm doing with other Congresswomen to get our message out to women around the country.



Have a joyous and blessed #‎Easter!


First post about your nation

first-post.pngThis is the first blog post. You can insert photos into a post and embed content. Blogs are extremely useful, as they provide a platform for highlighting things taking place on your nation, as well as news or press that develops. They also keep your site content fresh, and increase the likelihood someone searching for topics related to your nation will find your website.

Learn how to create a blog and some tips for keeping it updated.


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